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Cho, E.; Oh, J.H.; Lee, E.; Do, Y.R.; Kim, E.Y. Cycles of circadian illuminance are sufficient to entrain and maintain circadian locomotor rhythms in Drosophila 2016 Scientific Reports 6 37784
Cisse, Y.M.; Russart, K.L.G.; Nelson, R.J. Parental Exposure to Dim Light at Night Prior to Mating Alters Offspring Adaptive Immunity 2017 Scientific Reports 7 45497
Correa-Cano, M.E.; Goettsch, B.; Duffy, J.P.; Bennie, J.; Inger, R.; Gaston, K.J. Erosion of natural darkness in the geographic ranges of cacti 2018 Scientific Reports 8 4347
Davies, T.W.; McKee, D.; Fishwick, J.; Tidau, S.; Smyth, T. Biologically important artificial light at night on the seafloor 2020 Scientific Reports 10 12545
Duffy, J.P.; Bennie, J.; Duran, A.P.; Gaston, K.J. Mammalian ranges are experiencing erosion of natural darkness 2015 Scientific Reports 5 12042