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Li, C.; Hsu, N.C.; Sayer, A.M.; Krotkov, N.A.; Fu, J.S.; Lamsal, L.N.; Lee, J.; Tsay, S.-C. Satellite observation of pollutant emissions from gas flaring activities near the Arctic 2016 Atmospheric Environment 133 1-11
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Meng, F.; Chen, D.; Xiong, W.; Tan, H.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, W.; Su, S.-J. Tuning color-correlated temperature and color rendering index of phosphorescent white polymer light-emitting diodes: Towards healthy solid-state lighting 2016 Organic Electronics 34 18-22
Sandwell, R.W. The emergence of modern lighting in Canada: A preliminary reconnaissance 2016 The Extractive Industries and Society 3 850-863
Cozzolino, E.; Lasta, C.A. Use of VIIRS DNB satellite images to detect jigger ships involved in the Illex argentinus fishery 2016 Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment 4 167-178